Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Christmas Rock with Sugar

Sharon wanted a large rock for Christmas. Most folks would assume we’re talking about a diamond ring or some such token of affection. Sharon had something a little heavier and more artistic in mind.

It was a three thousand pound (ton and a half) ‘Apache Sunset’ boulder from a local quarry. It was Sharon’s idea of a Christmas present to ourselves.

Sharon thought we needed it to liven up our front yard. Because of the pandemic, we had pretty much limited our travels and never ventured downtown or in large gatherings. She figured if we were sequestered at home a good part of the time, why not liven up our surroundings.

A week before our new asteroid arrived, Sharon repainted our mailbox a lovely tone of paprika.

Our oranges had been harvested and the lemons continued to supply friends and neighbors with a steady abundance of yellow gold. As the season progressed, we had a sanctuary for birds and bunnies and the occasional roadrunner.

We made a point of having art pieces scattered about the property along with several wind chimes.

The newest addition to our desert menagerie was a baby hummingbird the kids named Sugar. Sugar’s parents, Buzz and Flitter, have imprinted around our seven (count them 7) hummingbird feeders.

A family of Jackrabbits has also decided to call our abode their home. They’ve found it a safe harbor from the coyotes and ravens on the golf course and the dogs living on either side of us.

They, along with the hummingbirds and songbirds and occasional roadrunner, make eating outdoors an entertaining experience all year long.

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