Tuesday, August 20, 2019

My Back Porch

Some of us are fortunate enough to have that special place where we can get lost inside our head. My son finds it at around 14,000 feet high on some mountaintop in Colorado. My daughter can get wrapped up in those euphoric moments in the middle of a long run - winter or summer.

Mine is not so adventurous or strenuous. It’s a quiet place, wrapped in warm colors, bird sounds, and the hush of rustling leaves that surround me.

All spring, summer, and fall, I spend most of my time outdoors except when I sleep or tap-dance over my computer keys. Morning, noon and night. Cold and freezing, warm or windy, my porch is like a close friend.

Out West a backdrop tapestry of mountains wrapped in colors of the moment provide my sanctuary of contemplation. In Minnesota, I have my indoor / outdoor living space to enjoy every day.

This temple to my mind began its life as an octagonal deck. The deck lasted for several years before being transformed into a screened in porch and deck. It became an extension of our outdoor living space.

Each day comes with changing temperatures, different lighting effects, mood, and purpose.

It is at once, my reading room, a soccer practice field with the grandchildren, a nerf battleground with Brennan, breakfast nook, lunchroom and quiet evening dining spot. Most importantly, it is an early morning respite from reality, a nighttime solitude before bed and daily place to watch the birds feed.

From my sanctuary I can watch the kids in their favorite climbing tree, birds bathing in the birdbath, the occasional art patron and other nocturnal critters scampering about. It is a celebration of all that makes life exciting and satisfying.

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