Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Desert Bloom

It doesn’t happen very often here in the desert. In fact, desert bloom is as rare as the heavy rains that precede it. This season a very active weather pattern was the final catalyst for ending a seven year drought that California has experienced.

After almost twenty years on and off in the desert, I’ve probably experienced desert bloom just three or four times. It’s a rarity that only comes after over-flowing arroyos, street closures, flooded roadways and an impassible north end of town blanket the city.

It only lasts a relatively short period of time, four or five weeks max, and then the brown returns. But when it’s here, residents are reminded that the brown, sun-scorched, seemingly dead vegetation all around us is simply dormant until the next rainfall comes along. In full bloom the desert plants are a wonderful kaleidoscope of color and texture and brilliance.

It doesn’t happen often but when desert bloom comes to the Coachella Valley and our surrounding mountains, it’s well worth the long wait.

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