Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Gathering of the Tribes

Five Little Elves

My kids wanted to call this blog ‘Fear and Loathing in Palm Springs.’ Nothing against Hunter S. Thompson, but I thought the references to drugs and misbehavior a bit out of place for our Christmas sojourn in the desert. Of course, if they were subtly referencing a total lack of sleep on all our parts, daily ventures into the unknown and an unquenchable thirst for new experiences they may have captioned this blog quite well.

Our Christmas rendezvous also entailed daily trips to the grocery store and generating enough trash to fill a Brooklyn landfill. Like an Emo band of the Eighties, our eight days together corralled the divergent personalities of five grandchildren and funneled that atomic energy into an album of fun and exciting memories for all. It was a cacophony of new experiences that left the adults exhausted, the kiddos clamoring for more and everyone deeply satisfied with the outcome.

And isn’t that what Christmas vacations are supposed to be all about? For Sharon and me it was introducing a tapestry of new adventures along with the old favorites our lovable munchkins have come to expect at Nana and Papa’s house. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Before the Storm

Christmas-Hanukkah dinner with friends & family

Great performances written by Brennan, directed by Maya

Papa and the Elves

Pirates at Bay



Pool Time

Youngest Surfer

NFL Material

Don't Ask...

Family at Joshua Tree

My son the explorer

My daughter the explorer

Mario Kart racing

Maya reading to her siblings/cousins

Covered Wagon Ride

Inside the covered wagon

Elders of the Tribe

Talking to the mules

Hanging out at the ACE Hotel again (I was the only one who wasn't in hipster black)

My posse

Heading Out

Ghost riders in the wash

Cruising in a friend's old Cadillac convertible

Father and Son

The recurring question during that week seemed to be ‘how is Papa holding up?’ Well, let me see. There was no writing for two weeks (counting a week of prep before the onslaught.) I had to give up my quiet time each morning. It was non-stop action with little to no down time allowed. We went from a quiet household of two people to eleven folks sharing the same space. So how did I do?

I spent a week with my kids and grandchildren. It was close, intimate times with the ones I love. It was creating memories for those young expanding minds that I hope will last a lifetime.

I am exhausted but yeah, I did OK.

Riding the Bales

I think they did too.

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