Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Life As Art

Sunset in the desert

Last May I wrote a blog entitled Gift of Perspective.  It was about living my life with gratitude. Recently there was an article in Success Magazine entitled How to Live a Beautiful life. It got me thinking again of all those wonderful things that surround my everyday life.
I’ve always been aware of the deep peacefulness and quiet comfort I’ve found resting on my tabernacle or surrounded in a chapel of deep woods. More recently I’ve become even more aware of those fleeting moments and events that somehow come together into what we simply call our everyday life.
Sunrise over the mountains
A Northern Minnesota lake coming awake
Hummingbirds flitting about

Story time with grandchildren

My tabernacle high in the mountains

Dappled skies of pink
In the zone trail running

Friendly visitor
Sunset at Crystal Cove - Newport Beach, CA

Lake Superior restlessness

Morning coffee on the porch
Excitement of Grandchildren

Early morning bike ride
Baby hummingbirds

Rainbow over the mountain

More story time with the grandchildren
Out of my comfort zone (Brian and I in Slot Canyon)
California Coast at dusk

Our lives are like a tapestry and we get to paint it any color we wish. There is beauty all around us. Find it, embrace it, love it and live it.
Become a part of it.

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