Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gift of Perspective

I’m feeling rather blessed in my accumulating age and encroaching mortality. Not only because of a satisfying lifestyle but also an increased awareness of those little ‘blink of an eye’ revelations and occurrences that make a life a life. I’m talking about those seemingly insignificant events so easily missed if one isn’t paying attention.

I’ve always been cognizant of the deep peacefulness and quiet comfort I’ve found resting on my tabernacle or being lost in the middle of a desert hike or surrounded in a chapel of deep woods. More recently I’ve become even more aware of those fleeting events that somehow come together into what we simply recognize as our everyday life.

Northern Minnesota lake awakening

Storytime with Nana

My Tabernacle

In the zone trail running

Morning visitor

Sunset at Crystal Cove - Newport Beach, CA

In the land of the Inca - Machu Picchu

Lake Superior restlessness

Morning coffee

Walking on water

Early morning bike ride

Baby hummingbirds

More storytime

Out of my comfort zone

California coast at dusk

Living that extra moment when all is well with the world and realizing it’s good to be alive.

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