Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hawaiian Holiday

The island of Kauai is the furthest of the Hawaiian island chain from the U.S. mainland and one of the most tropical. It is also the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands.

With an area of 562 square miles, it is the fourth largest of these islands and the 21st largest island in the United States. Known as the “Garden Isle”, Kauai lies 105 miles northwest of Oahu. It is less populated and less touristy than many of the other Hawaiian Islands.

There is only one main road that circles most of the island. Traffic jams in the more populated parts of the island are legendary. It’s a different life style, a different culture and very expensive. Not to identify myself as one with Midwestern tastes BUT… When my son and I went out for coffee at a nearby resort (upscale I will admit) he had a medium chai, I had a coffee and we had two pastries. Total bill $28.95 and she was expecting a tip for pressing the spout button.

The trip came as a surprise invitation from our son and daughter-in-law to stay with them for a week in Hawaii.

They had rented a home on the North Shore of the island so Maya, our eldest granddaughter, could earn her diving certificate and be able to scuba dive anywhere in the world.

We arrived early and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn for several days.

The hotel / resort was situated by a wonderful inlet. Protected by huge boulders, it provided the perfect spot to wade and wonder about the beauty surrounding us.

The beaches on the north end of the island were more protected from the strong waves and sometimes treacherous Pacific currents. We went beach combing with the twins while Brian, Maya and their instructor dove deep off shore. A monk seal shimmied on shore and did some sun bathing. But we were distracted by the incredibly lush green mountainsides that spilled out into the blue turquoise ocean.

Of course, we had to find the local craft beer pub in town

Family time was relaxed. There was plenty of time card games, coloring for adults, pool time and hustling pool.

The obligatory luau didn’t disappoint and entertained the kids.

Cliffside dining at a fancy restaurant came with a double rainbow which we were told was almost a daily occurrence.

Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) on the south end of the island is famous for its spectacular views. It didn’t disappoint.

Aloha... until we see you again.

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